Gylian Solay, MS - Emergent Life Consultant
Professional Organizer &
Event Coordinator

Have your life go from Chaos to Carefree

 "It's like looking into a kaleidoscope.   When you turn it even slightly, things open up in a new way, allowing you to see your life and potential from a new perspective."      ~ Gylian Solay, MS
     Personal, Home, Business, Events           
With a multifaceted professional & educational background, my organizing reflects a sharp attention detail & a myriad of alternatives that Suits YOUR Needs by focusing on who YOU are, YOUR priorities, & YOUR lifestyle. 
      Being sensitive to what you need to feel comfortable in your personal, home, or business life and/or planning an event, I encourage  you to explore your priorities and preferences.
      Working together, organizing becomes a spirited Mission Possible"  guiding you from Chaos to User-friendly Order. 

Please contact me to assist you in  your specific situation.
I work with all levels & types of clutter: from organizing to severe clutter & hoarding. 
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Real People, Real Lives

Gylian Solay came to my rescue a few years ago as a professional organizer.  She was that and sooo much more! 
    She actually helped me through four large household moves within a three year period! 
    She is very gifted in the area of organizing and knowing just where and how things should be placed. 
    Gylian has a knack for expanding and creating space to make everything I want to keep fit.  At the same time, she is sensitive to my life style and always made sure everything was done to my satisfaction. 
    I recently flew Gylian over from Kauai to Maui because I was switching my office and guest rooms. 
    Gylian has a spirit about her that immediately puts me at ease when I ask for her help.
    She takes even the hardest things, like downsizing all my photos, mementos, music collection of 60+ years, changing furniture, and buying new things that were more appropriate.            
We’re honest and respectful with each other’s suggestions and opinions.  I can comfortably say, “NO, I don’t like that or can we change that piece after we moved it several times. 
     She does everything willingly with a smile, suggestion, and sensitivity.   We laugh, talk, and have developed a caring friendship over these many years. 
      I consider Gylian the Crown Jewel in her profession!  
                                                                       ~   Joyce S. Maui, Hawaii

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Thank you Gylian for your incredible help getting my life back in order.         You gave me so much more than organization. 
      Your insights, wise counsel and caring heart helped me face a difficult time with my husband’s illness and subsequent passing. 
      You will always have a special place in my heart. Love and aloha, 
                                                                       ~  Sandi Watts, Maui, Hawaii
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Gylian's effectiveness as a professional organizer extends far beyond her ability to restore order from chaos.
     Her gentle, nurturing personality coaxes out the underlying reasons of the disorderly environment, as a means of understanding the 'why.'        Her encouraging, "can-do" attitude, coupled with her expert organizing skills, restored my hope in a rather hopeless situation. 
     With her practical yet compassionate assistance, I was able to step out of my dysfunctional comfort zone into cleaning, letting go, 
re-purposing and organizing the clutter while non-judgmentally acknowledging the emotional chaos that was causing the mess in the first place. 
     This gem of a woman was truly a godsend, and I would recommend her to anyone who desperately needs her 'Mission Possible' guidance to reclaim physical space and the well-being that comes with it." 
                                                                       ~ L.W.  Maui, Hawaii

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I feel so grateful having worked with Gylian Solay. She is a great listener, very creative, practical, a real Pro! 
      Learning organizational skills from her helped me reduce stress, be able to find what I need when I need it and arrange my home for beauty, enjoyment while accommodating my lifestyle. 
      Five Stars Plus! 
                                                                        ~ Ann Paquin, Maui, Hawaii

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Everyone needs a “Gylian” in his or her life!
      Her personality is the first thing you meet. Smiling and spirited with a good sense of humor, Gylian immediately sets a rapport and begins working with your needs in mind. 
      When I hired Gylian, I was in the process of re-modeling my condo, moving things in and out of storage units and handling work at the same time.  
    Gylian’s ability to multi-task is amazing.  She was by my side organizing the storage units, and assisting me in the condo organization.
      She had suggestions for efficiency and placement based on my lifestyle and convenience and juggled errands in between.  Her attitude is always present, pleasant and informative. Her work ethic is impeccable, dependable, reliable and very efficient. 
     In addition to my condo, Gylian handles my administrative needs, logistics for travel arrangements, and helps me organize and host my events. 
     My guests love having her around because she is amiable and gracious.  
Gylian also oversees my condo when I am off island. I trust her. 
     Gylian continues to assist me on a regular basis in various projects.   She literally handles my life when I need her.
     You will be thankful for her assistance whether it is a large or small project.
     My highest recommendation and regards for Gylian. 
                                                                       ~ Susan Frieder, Ph.D.
                                                          Licensed Clinical Psychologist
                                                                                        Maui, Hawaii

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