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A Global Voice of Peace
 ~ I wrote A Global Voice of Peace on 9-11-01. 
 ~ It has been emailed on the 11th of every month since 10-11-01.  
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October 11, 2001... 
Dear friends and loved ones ...
       The Global Community will not survive a war with the armament we have available. It is a chance for the Global Community to JOIN in humanness, to JOIN in upholding the rights of human life and not at the cost of one against the other.  We must pray that the voice of pray and peace overcomes those who are determined to destroy.   As individuals, shout out your voices of pray to your neighbors and become intertwined as one giant global voice of pray and peace.

A Global Voice Of Peace Will Continue
On The 11th Of Every Month 
As A Reminder, A Practice, A Belief, An Activity,
That A New Way Be Realized

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A Global Voice of Peace Event  9-11-02
  A Day of Remembrances & Reminders   
Key Biscayne, FL

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       In organizing A Global Voice of Peace Candlelight Ceremony in my community on Key Biscayne, Florida, I coordinated with three local schools asking the children to express their thoughts and feelings about 9-11 & Peace 
      The response was overwhelming:  1st through 8th graders from all three schools contributed over 400 pieces of the most heartfelt expressions of insight and depth.  Nearly 15-  8’x4’ wooden boards donated by a nearby lumber yard displayed Every precious piece of art work & essay created by these children.
       As Creator and MC of the evening’s ceremony, I dedicated the program entirely to the children’s voices. Twenty-five children offered to personally share their work with the 700+ audience.   

Key Biscayne Village Green:  
School children ringed the perimeter with 3000 white bags, each filled with 
1 candle. The bags represented the approximate number of people who perished on 9-11.
One of the students felt moved to write 9-11 with the candle bags & 
placed them in the center of the Village Green
An amazing sight.

The stage and gazebo area where the children
 spoke and displayed their work 



14 Years Later.....  11 September 2016

Please Click on the PDF to review the photo journey of my visit to Ground Zero.  

Imagine- John Lennon; What A Wonderful World- IZ
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