Gylian Solay, MS - Emergent Life Consultant
On Maui

Living on the island of Maui, we are fortunate for many international Tango teachers visiting offering their experience, expertise, knowledge, technicality & musicality.  Maui has an ever-growing Tango community with weekly Milongas, classes, and practicas. 

Here are the Tango Schedules & Contact Info:
Sundays:  6:15-10pm~  1 hr class + Practica:
      Contact:Rita Okeane 
Tuesdays:  7-8pm ~ Beginners Class:  
      Contact: Cassie Chow
Wednesday: 6-8pm ~  Class + Practica: 
      Contact: Tanya Sumek Dance
1st & 3rd  Fridays: 8:30-11:15 ~ Milonga:  
      Contact: Sugandha Black
2nd & 4th Fridays: 8:30-11:15 ~ Alternative Milonga: 
      Contact: Alan Arkles

For more info on upcoming events visit:

January 5-12, 2018  Murat Erdemsel will be presenting a week of tango workshops, lectures & milongas....
Contact me:; 808-344-8068 or 
Click on the link for schedules & to register:

Tango Beginnings:

  I arrived on Maui in 2006 as a new divorcee, to house sit for a few months and never left.   Mother Maui had called me to the 'home' I had been looking for on all the levels that my Spiritually Mindful Body required. 
      Not knowing anyone, I happened upon Argentine Tango, of all things to find on Maui! and became joyfully addicted to the dance, and embraced by a wonderful community. Tango began the re-awaking of my passions, my sensuality, and affirming life once again. 

It's 2017 and I'm still enamored by Tango.   

My Life Partner, Geo,  I met in 2006 when I began tango.  We saw each other off and on at Tango workshops, and fests over the next 8 years. In 2014, we were at a Tango fest and things seemed different. We decided to explore a relationship which evolved into a deep love for each other as well as a continued passion for Tango.  My dream of going to Buenos Aires to immerse myself in Tango, manifested in March/April 2017 with Geo. 

Below some earlier thoughts:

Subject: RcE: [ATOF] What makes a tango a tango
February 05, 2007
I received this email and found it a fascinating topic to discuss since Tango holds so many mysteries, how do you define something elusive.......

Aloha from Maui.....
For me, Tango is a Sensually Stimulating and Passionately Powerful dance, elusive in its definition...
Tango expresses a story, that of human drama, its pathos, its passions, its longings. The essence of Tango embodies a yearning, whether for love, for the intimacy of connection, or a sense of deep separation and loss of love or loss of someone or is in the strings of the violins and the drawn out elongated sounds of the bandoneon that stretch the human being's emotions to tug at the strings of one's heart and core...
       What makes a Tango a Tango are the 2 dancers conveying and connecting with one another in an energy exchange of emotional expression in their musical interpretation of the story.  The partners’ whirling energy displays a multitude of emotions and you become mesmerized and drawn into their expressive outpourings.  Tango comes from the inside out... it touches something deep inside each of the partners and is expressed through the music...and touches those witnessing their dance...
       The partners’ chemistry is electric. They are in the act of foreplay as they dance with an attitude and sense of seduction and resistance; sometimes their dance is like that of deeply passionate, intimate love making.  You witness this experience through their body language: the embrace, the facial expressions; how they execute the steps, the 2 bodies merge, become fluid, 2 becomes has been said about Tango...1 body, 4 legs..... 
       Tango is a Tango not only with dancers. Watch a bandoneon musician; their expression; they FEEL the music, it is in their heart, in their blood and they pour it out through their facial expressions and how they play the instrument... It comes from deep within their core, their heart and soul.
       Tango is a Tango, like a rose is a rose.... unique, mysterious, magical, and exquisite in its unfolding...
       Tango On......Gylian
Radio Interview:
In 2007, I was in Miami, FL, dancing Tango and was invited by Dr. Marilyn Volker  to be on her radio talk show " ????.  She was fascinated by the sensuality that tango exhibits and that related to sexuality.????

Radio Show Interview
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