Gylian Solay, MS - Emergent Life Consultant
Emergent Life Consultant
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What Emergent means, how I apply it to my life & in working with others...
Whether I am teaching yoga, facilitating, counseling,
consulting, organizing, coordinating a major event

I incorporate my background and knowledge of ~ Body, Mind, Spirit.   Evolving with each new student, client, experience in my life, I developed a process and practice, 'Your Emergent Self', going beyond the Spiritually Mindful Body where the whole Being is greater than the sum of its parts ~  Emergent..........
 ~ I offer you an opportunity to discover that you are more than the sum of who you think you are and expand your life to a Spiritually Mindful Body: Healthy Lifestyle, Spiritual Exploration; Re-inventing yourself
 ~ I incorporate my years as an Organizer, Certified Yoga Instructor, Counselor, Massage Therapist, and the experiences of my own life's  Emergent Journey.
Emergent Life Foundation (ELF)
 ~ My ELF foundation is the doorway into all my visions, and consulting avenues. 
Woven through my many projects and work with people,is the ever present, ever-surprising outcomes that derive from the term Emergent.
Scientific Definition
 ~ arising unexpectedly as a natural or logical consequence
   Emergent Evolution
 ~ a biological and philosophical theory that new characters and qualities (as life and consciousness) appear in the evolutionary process at more complex organizational levels (as that of the molecule, the cell, and the organism) which cannot be predicted solely by studying less complex levels of organizations but which are determined by a rearrangement of pre-existent entities. 
Creativity Definition of Emergent
 ~ expressed in a book entitled, “The Emergent Self: a biography of George Eliot”:
“…to signify an unpredictable result arising from known sources.  “…even the most exhaustive verbal analysis of any form of creativity is at best incomplete, for inevitably lacking is that elusive quality which makes a dynamic process more than the sum total of its components.”
Premise of Emergent 
 ~ I have come to understand is that All things in the Universe are Emergent: nothing is caused. As energy shifts and/or coalesces, different forms, matter come into being, come into expression.  These constituents or individuality is ONENESS expressing itself.
An Example of Emergent
 ~  the relationship of 2 Hydrogen and 1 Oxygen in combination creating Water.  Water is an entity unto itself, resembling neither hydrogen nor oxygen, yet encapsulating all their elements and having its own uniqueness out of the combination.  The resulting water is Emergent.
Projects and Visions
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